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SCROTUS Dump Trump Magnet


From our friends at Monka Goods. 



You know exactly what this listing is for. And you know you want one (on the refrigerator, not in the White House). It’s the second coming of the Monka! SCROTUS Magnet! It is an uncanny likeness of #45 from the facial features to the skin tone and a hairdo that over-compensates.

This magnificent remake is all 3d printed, much sturdier, and less expensive! The SCROTUS is 3" tall, 2" wide and 2.5" deep. Fun Fact! This magnet is the same size as the asshole muse’s orange little hands.

Do you hate him as much as I do? Probably! That’s why you are here considering purchasing this magnet! The magnet itself is super strong, it can hold all of your political mailers, your rally schedule, and the hilarious photo of trump with TP on his shoe (so you can remind yourself what a joke he really is).

If your Monka! SCROTUS magnet gets chucked angrily into a pile of dog shit, a damp cloth is best to clean it. Strong chemicals and water submersion are discouraged.


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